The Haigh Trophy

The Haigh Trophy The Haigh Trophy was gifted to the National Association of Seed Potato Merchants by C M Haigh who was President of NASPM 1947-48 with the intention that it be presented annually to that person who shall be adjudged to have rendered outstanding meritorious service to the seed potato trade in general and to the Association in particular.

 Previous winners of the Haigh Trophy:

1949       C W Higgs
1950       Martin A F Sutton
1952       Mrs N McDermott MBE, MSc
1953       A Manton Baxter
1954       John Clarke MBE, MAgr
1955       Redcliffe N Salaman MD, FRS
1957       John Bankhead
1958       Thomas P McIntosh OBE, BSc (Agr)
1959       John Marshall CBE
1961       E F Sherriff
1962       R W Wallace OBE
1965       C M Haigh
1968       A J Haggart
1969       M F Strickland
1972       J C Cullen MSc
1973       Sir James Denby Roberts Bt
1974       D H Smith OBE
1975       Dr H W Howard OBE, BA, PhD, ScD
1976       Dr T L Hardie BSc, (Agr) PhD, FRAgS
1977       Prof J M Hirst DSC, PhD, FRS
1980       G B Darby
1985       H N Aves OBE
1986       F T Trahair MBE
1988       R J Beeson
1989       F W Seymour
1990       C J Baker
1992       K F Burke
1993       T D Hall BSc (Agric) Hons
1994       Dr G A Hide BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc
1996       Jack Dunnett PhD, FRAcS
1999       T J Dixon
2001       P E Smith
2003       I Stirling
2004       Eric Allen
2005       Stuart Wale
2007       Hugh B Edmond MBE
2012       Archie Pullar
2014       Bob Doig
2016       John Marshall
2017       Mike Cosford



The Haigh Trophy engraving