Merger of Major players

British Potato Trade Association


The long planned merger of the major players in the GB seed potato trade has come to fruition with the National Association of Seed Potato Merchants and the Scottish Potato Trade Association uniting under the banner of the British Potato Trade Association (BPTA).BPTA represents all aspects of potato production and sales, at home and in the export market, and offers comprehensive seed trade representation. BPTA’s 120 members handle 250,000 – 300,000 tonnes seed annually – the bulk of seed potatoes traded in Great Britain for both home and export markets.Launching the new organisation, BPTA President, Dublin based John Bell of Irish Potato Marketing Ltd said, “The seed trade is now speaking with one voice. BPTA will have a new strength and influence in negotiations with government, British Potato Council, NFUs and other bodies. The arrival of BPTA on the scene is well timed, right now, when – with major plant health issues facing the whole GB industry and the current movement towards harmonisation of the Scottish and English & Welsh seed classification schemes – there is an increasing need for a strong GB-wide representation to government.”BPTA’s affiliation to Europatat will benefit member ware traders and seed exporters by offering access to RUCIP rules in their dealings with other member nations. Further advantage will come to the industry in having common, nationally accepted, Conditions of Sale and Purchase, dispute resolution arrangements and arbitration system.