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Isle of Ely Produce

Isle of Ely Produce is a family-owned business based in Cambridgeshire, ...

Wolds Produce Ltd

Marketing Specialists of Ware and Processing Potatoes Suppliers of Scott...

Whyte Farmers (The Bent)

Independently grow and market ware Maris Piper, Wilja and King Edward to...

Whole Crop Marketing Ltd

Potato Marketing.

Veg (UK) Ltd

Wholesalers of finest quality fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Strathmore Potatoes Limited

Breeders, Growers, Merchants & Exporters with our own mini-tuber pro...

J.&E.Smillie (Montrose) Ltd

Seed potato marketing both in UK and abroad.

Scott & Newman Ltd

Ware and seed potato merchants in the UK also import and export. Family ...

A Russell (Farmers) Ltd

Ware and seed potato merchants and farmers since 1933. Suppliers of qual...

James Ruane (Yorks) Ltd

Growers/merchants processing potatoes. Storage capacity 30,000 tonnes (t...