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Skea Organics Ltd

Growers and Suppliers of organic seed and ware potatoes and organic vege...

E Park and Sons Limited

Quality ware, pre-packed potatoes, seed specialists, bulk potatoes, impo...

Organic Potato Growers (Scotland) Ltd

Growers of limited generation seed potatoes both conventional and organic.

Emerald Produce

Growers, importers and exporters of maincrop and salad table potatoes.

East Suffolk Produce Ltd

We are a grower group producing 30,000 tonnes of ware and 3,500 tonnes o...

Cullen Allen Ltd

Seed potato production and marketing in national and international marke...

Caledonia Potatoes Ltd

Albert Bartlett & Sons (Airdrie) Ltd

Albert Bartlett is the UK’s leading supplier of branded and own label, f...

Taygrow Ltd

Procurement and Marketing of Quality ware potatoes. UK and import/export.