Cuprokylt (Copper oxychloride)

AHDB Potatoes has informed BPTA that the following emergency authorisation will be issued on 15th May of the use of Cuprokylt (Copper oxychloride) to control blight in potatoes for a period of 120 days. This will be welcomed by the organic sector and has been gained with the approval of the Soil Association.

It is expected that the formal authorisation will be released on 15th May 2017. Without being in possession of this authorisation the pesticide must not be applied.

Please note:
• This emergency authorisation does not take effect until 15th May.
• It lasts for 120 days and therefore expires on 12th September.
• When applying this product under the terms of this Emergency Authorisation, comply with any resistance guidance or restrictions stated on the product label.
• Neither the efficacy nor the phytotoxicity of the product for which this authorisation has been granted has been assessed and, as such, the user bears in mind the risk in respect of failures concerning its efficacy or phytotoxicity.