BPTA Newsletter – June 2020

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The potato portal – new buyer and grower ‘match-making’ website live

AHDB Potatoes has now launched: The potato portal – new buyer and grower ‘match-making’ website live You can find information about the portal at https://ahdb.org.uk/news/the-potato-portal-new-buyer-and-grower-match-making-website-live where you can find a link to access the portal. BPTA is aware that while some members will welcome this initiative others are less enthusiastic about it.  Whatever your view it is incumbent […]

Global Potato Conclave 2020 Roadmap to a better World – report by Claire Hodge

In January 2020 India hosted the Global Potato Conclave, an opportunity to consider India’s position in a global potato industry and how a nation will write a roadmap to a better world. The notion that potatoes could make the world even better seems like a grand target, or perhaps impossible from a UK perspective. Take […]

BPTA Bursary

BPTA Council, at its meeting in Perth on 20th February 2020, reconfirmed its intention to set aside annually in its budget a sum of money to provide the opportunity to award a discretionary grant to individuals who pursue an educational goal which when shared with others will be for the betterment of the potato industry. […]

Recognition of Vincent Lumb’s long service on Council

Vincent Lumb of Pan European Potato Enterprise Ltd receives a token of appreciation from BPTA President, Paul Wood in recognition of his long service on BPTA and before that on SPTA Council. Vincent served for over a quarter of a century in aggregate during which time he served as President of SPTA between 2002-2004 and […]

BPTA SASA Growing Crop Training 2019

Students on the Course with Maureen McCreath (SASA) Harry Davies Calum Donald Louise Greenhill Jack Chatterton  Derek Coyle  Gaynor Mackenzie

BPTA AGM 2018 – Minute, Report & Accounts

Please follow the links below for copies of the BPTA AGM 2018 Minute, Graeme Prentice (President) Report of Council 2018 and the BPTA 2018 signed accounts for the year to 31st March 2018. BPTA AGM 2018 Minute Report of Council 2018 BPTA 2018 signed accounts