BPTA Newsletter – June 2020

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The potato portal – new buyer and grower ‘match-making’ website live

AHDB Potatoes has now launched: The potato portal – new buyer and grower ‘match-making’ website live You can find information about the portal at https://ahdb.org.uk/news/the-potato-portal-new-buyer-and-grower-match-making-website-live where you can find a link to access the portal. BPTA is aware that while some members will welcome this initiative others are less enthusiastic about it.  Whatever your view it is incumbent […]

BPTA Bursary

BPTA Council, at its meeting in Perth on 20th February 2020, reconfirmed its intention to set aside annually in its budget a sum of money to provide the opportunity to award a discretionary grant to individuals who pursue an educational goal which when shared with others will be for the betterment of the potato industry. […]

Recognition of Vincent Lumb’s long service on Council

Vincent Lumb of Pan European Potato Enterprise Ltd receives a token of appreciation from BPTA President, Paul Wood in recognition of his long service on BPTA and before that on SPTA Council. Vincent served for over a quarter of a century in aggregate during which time he served as President of SPTA between 2002-2004 and […]