Robert Doig

Robert JS Doig Ltd

Robert is involved with potatoes at many levels. His family business Robert JS Doig Ltd grows around 200 hectares annually which is a combination of seed and ware potatoes. The seed is mostly marketed through Caledonia Potatoes which he is also co-owner and Director. The ware potatoes are grown on contracts for ultimate supply to most of the major retailers. He has an involvement in the breeding of new varieties both through a family breeding company and through the variety development work done by Caledonia Potatoes. Rob has served extensively in the past on SPTA and, more prominently, as a Board member through the transition phases from British Potato Council to AHDB Potatoes. He has been an active Arbitrator for BPTA prior to his election onto Council.

Rob has been married to Fiona for (nearly) 30 years and they have 3 sons, all now in their 20s. When his nose is not at the grindstone (which is as often as he can manage), Rob enjoys many activities, especially the ones that involve being outdoors. He is particularly enthusiastic about being up to his waist in a highland river trying (mostly forlornly) to catch the elusive Atlantic salmon.

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