BPTA AGM 2012 Brief Report

BPTA AGM Brief Report

The 6th Annual General meeting of the Association took place on 4th July 2012 at Boston West Golf Club, Hubbert’s Bridge, Boston, Lincolnshire. A disappointing turnout saw only 13 attendees representing 12 member companies and proxy votes were necessary in order to achieve the required quorum of 14.The meeting heard Gerard Croft deliver his second and final Report of Council – a copy of which will be posted in the ‘members-only’ area of the website.A motion to adopt the Association’s Accounts for the year to 31st March 2012 was proposed by Andrew Skea, seconded by David Murdie and approved by the meeting. Andrew Skea also proposed that Henderson Loggie should be appointed as the Association’s accountants for the year to 31st March 2013. This motion was seconded by Tony Barnes and approved by the meeting.Andrew Skea introduced the Association’s Budget for 2012-2013 and proposed a 10% increase in BPTA membership subscriptions to provide sufficient funds to cover committed expenditure on the completion of work on the new BPTA Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Seed Potatoes and on legal advice regarding the updating of the BPTA Arbitration Rules. The motion was seconded by David Murdie and carried by the meeting.The 3 Council members who were required to retire all offered themselves for re-election and as no nominationss were received from the membership all were re-elected. Martin Cockerill (R S Cockerill (York) Ltd), Colin Herron (Messrs. McCain Potatoes) and Vincent Lumb (Pan European Potato Enterprise Ltd) will therefore remain on Council. Graeme Skinner (The Kent Potato Company Ltd) tendered his resignation from Council as he has left employment within the industry. Gerard Croft paid tribute to his long service including his Presidency of NASPM during the negotiations leading to the formation of the BPTA.Lastly, Gerad Croft installed Andrew Skea as the 4th President of the Association. Russ Kelsey becomes Vice President and Graeme Prentice Deputy Vice President.Andrew thanked Gerard for his Presidency which will be long remembered for steering through the new BPTA Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Seed Potatoes.