Graeme Prentice

Graeme Prentice - cropped

IPM Potato Group Ltd is an international leader in potato variety innovation and in the production, marketing and distribution of seed potatoes and is committed to delivering the best varieties for all potato customers: growers, processors, packers, retailers and consumers, through the supply of high quality seed at the start of the production chain.
Since joining IPM in 2002, Graeme has held various roles throughout the business from seed production, operations, logistics, business development and is currently responsibility for international licensing and UK commercial interests.
Graeme was elected to BPTA Council in 2010 and chaired the Export Committee before progressing to the Executive Committee in 2012 and taking office as the Association President in 2016.
A sports enthusiast, Graeme particularly likes curling and football and enjoys spending family time with his wife Nicola and son Sam.

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