Member Mentor List

To encourage communication between Council and Members, Council has instituted a ‘mentoring list’ where by each member of council is allocated 8-10 members. Council members will make contact with their list members to introduce themselves and to encourage members to contact their ‘mentor’ (or BPTA office or any Council Member) with any issues that the BPTA may be able to help with.

To find out who your allocated Council member is, scroll down the list below, or type part of your company name into the search box here.

Company Mentor
3 Musketeers LtdJohn Williams
Agrico UK LtdRuss Kelsey
Albert Bartlett & Sons (Airdrie) LtdMartin Cockerill
R & P Baker (Seeds) LtdVincent Lumb
Balgersho Farms LtdColin Herron
Baxter Avey & Co LtdDavid Burks
Borders Potatoes LtdGraeme Prentice
Borders Premium Potatoes Marketing LtdMiriam Doe
Branston LimitedAngela Cliffe
Mr Ian CairdColin Herron
Caithness Classified Crops LtdSandy McGowan
Caithness Potatoes LtdRuss Kelsey
R S Cockerill (York) LtdMartin Cockerill
Coggon Brothers LtdAngela Cliffe
Roe Valley PotatoesAndrew Skea
Cygnet PEP LtdVincent Lumb
Countrywide Produce LtdGerard Croft
Crowland Fresh Produce LtdGerard Croft
Cullen Allen LtdAndrew Skea
Cygnet Potato Breeders. LtdVincent Lumb
Robert J.S. Doig LtdVincent Lumb
E Park & SonsDavid Burks
East Suffolk Produce LtdAngela Cliffe
Emerald Produce LtdRuss Kelsey
Farmcare LtdPaul Wood
Fletcherfield Potatoes LtdColin Herron
John Foad & CoJon Rooke
William Fraser Potato Merchants & GrowersMiriam Doe
Garden of Elveden LtdJon Rooke
GermicopaPaul Wood
Pluckerstons FarmsSandy McGowan
Messrs. Wm. O. Gordon (Potatoes)Russ Kelsey
Goughs Farm Produce Ltd Angela Cliffe
Grampian Growers (Services) LtdSandy McGowan
Greenseed International LtdJohn Williams
Greenvale APGerard Croft
Peter C Grewar Potatoes LtdGraeme Prentice
Grove Potatoes LtdGerard Croft
Abbey Produce LtdNigel Allam
HK TimbersDavid Burks
HZPC - UK LtdJon Rooke
Ibbotsons PotatoesAngela Cliffe
International Procurement and Logistics LimitedNigel Allam
IPM Potato Group LtdGraeme Prentice
Irish Potato FederationAndrew Skea
R Jackson (Potatoes) LtdPaul Wood
Messrs. Jamieson Bros.Sandy McGowan
John Lee Potatoes LtdJohn Williams
JSR Farms LtdGerard Croft
The Kent Potato Company LtdRuss Kelsey
Stet Potato LimitedNigel Allam
Keith Summers LtdAngela Cliffe
Lamb Weston Meijer UK LtdJohn Williams
Robert Lindley ltdPaul Wood
Messrs. J. & W.F. LindMiriam Doe
Maincrop Potatoes LtdMartin Cockerill
Manor Fresh LtdPaul Wood
Manterra LtdGraeme Prentice
W.W. Martin & Son (Garguston)Sandy McGowan
Messrs. McCain PotatoesColin Herron
S J McCreight (Potatoes) LtdAndrew Skea
A M McEwanRuss Kelsey
Mease Valley Potatoes LtdMartin Cockerill
Mercian Ltd Angela Cliffe
MFPotatoes LtdSandy McGowan
Robert Morris & Son LtdSandy McGowan
Messrs. A.F. Murray & Co. Colin Herron
Clarence Murray LtdColin Herron
James Hutton LtdRuss Kelsey
National Farmers' Union ScotlandAndrew Skea
Nationwide ProduceJon Rooke
Nelson County LtdPaul Wood
Nickerson UK LtdDavid Burks
Morrison Growers LtdMartin Cockerill
Organic Potato GrowersAndrew Skea
John Paine (Kent) Potatoes LtdJon Rooke
Pan European Potato enterprise LtdVincent Lumb
PJ Lee & SonsNigel Allam
AHDB Potatoes Andrew Skea
Meijer Seed Potato LtdPaul Wood
Provenance Potatoes LtdJon Rooke
QV FoodsDavid Burks
Quality Potato SeedsJohn Williams
The Potato LinkGerard Croft
R Potato LtdNigel Allam
Raleigh Seeds LtdGerard Croft
R B R (Crops) LtdDavid Burks
REW RitchieVincent Lumb
Robert Lindley LtdPaul Wood
Roy Clarke (Potatoes) LtdGraeme Prentice
James Ruane (Seeds) LtdMartin Cockerill
Rush Potatoes LtdGraeme Prentice
A Russell (Farmers) LtdNigel Allam
Saltire Seed LtdMiriam Doe
Scott & Newman LtdJon Rooke
Isle of Ely Produce LtdNigel Allam
Skea Organics LtdAndrew Skea
J. & E. Smillie (Potato Merchants) LtdRuss Kelsey
Solana Seeds UK LtdPaul Wood
James Stockdale LtdMartin Cockerill
Strathmore Potatoes LimitedVincent Lumb
James Taylor & SonMiriam Doe
Alan Twatt (P.R.) LtdMiriam Doe
Veg (UK) LtdJohn Williams
WCF HorticultureMiriam Doe
Whole Crop Marketing LtdDavid Burks
Whyte Farmers (The Bent)Colin Herron
Messrs. Wm. Wilson & SonsSandy McGowan
Wm Quarrie (Potato Marketing) LtdGerard Croft
Wolds Produce Ltd Angela Cliffe
Williamsons Potatoes LtdColin Herron
A. J. Allan (Potato Merchants) LtdVincent Lumb